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Dallas Roofing Company Offers Top Products:

Dallas Roofing Construction is a highly experienced Dallas roofing company. We offer an array of products for commercial and residential roofing. We can work with every type of roofing systems. Check these pages on this site for more details:

Commercial RoofingResidential Roofing

Because of our understanding of roof repair, construction and maintenance, our crews are able to address every home repair or home improvement need you have. As a leading Dallas roofing company, it starts with our roofing products. But our abilities certainly do not stop there!

Our scope of services is top-down — addressing every possible repair or construction need. Dallas Roofing Construction has the ability to repair or construct every aspect of a structure: walls, floors, walkways — even to build new structures such as garages, pavilions, and complete outdoor entertainment facilities. Our complete construction services include:

Whatever your specific need or desire, Dallas Roofing Construction can provide your solution. Even if your home improvement or home maintenance requirements do not include roof work. We can be there with our highly-professional crew to provide what you need! With more than 20 years of service in the Dallas area, we have the experience and the solid reputation to serve you. Contact us to get started on your project, and get to know our world-class customer service, right from the start!

Complete roofing systems of every style, material and color. Design and construction of structure additions, repairs and maintenance, and complete inspections. We even beautify your external grounds with driveways, patios, pavers, walkways and bridges. We can build arbors, pavilions, high-end entertainment centers, and outdoor kitchens. Ask us about a complete portfolio of work in any of these areas. We have the knowledge and skill to help make your home improvement dreams come true!