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Who Better for Your Inspection?

When you need home inspection, who better than a highly qualified Dallas roofing contractor? We’re your one-stop solution. At Dallas Roofing Construction, our services often begin with a complete home and property inspection.  Every property owner needs to know the status of their building, of their home and grounds. A Dallas roofing contractor will provide home inspection services from a top-down approach. That’s exactly what we do at Dallas Roofing Construction. It all begins with the roof inspection, roof repair or replacement, and the overall roofing system.

When issues arise, we can help you know if these problems are normal wear and tear, or if they are the result of acts of nature. Dallas Roofing Construction provides a complete assessment, pre-claim, on all of your repairs. A pre-claim home inspection can ultimately save YOU money! Those savings won’t just be for today, but for years in the future as you address problems now. Addressing minor problems today will help keep them from being overwhelming problems tomorrow.

Our inspections include a complete photo documented file of your property, before and after any problems occur. We utilize our Customer Relationship Management Services (CRMS). This includes Efficiency Tracking & Management for:

  • — Building Envelopes
  • — Operating & Management Costs
  • — Forecast Budgets
  • — Fund Tracking

Our inspections will address recommendations for scheduled and preventative maintenance, as well as additional inspection intervals. Making the right call for your home maintenance or commercial property maintenance is based on information. The more accurate your information today, the better your opportunity to make the right decision. Dallas Roofing Construction will give you the detailed information you need to manage every aspect of your property. Roof repair, roof maintenance, and roof replacement is only the beginning for the construction services we provide. Based on our complete professional home inspection or commercial property inspection, you will know exactly what is needed.

Everything we do in our Inspection Services is focused to ensure accuracy.